The name is rather intriguing, ”entre deux” meaning “between two”. Between two worlds, two meals… or between the two of us? Or is it between these characteristically Gustavian passages between two island cabins where the leafy courtyard awaits you at its end.

A few steps from the quays, secreted behind the unmistakable Totem-surf shop, this dappled haven, beneath the shade of a grand ficus and a few latanier-palm trees, is just the spot for a light lunch of tapas, a pita sandwich and salad, grilled fish, fajitas… The menu is laid-back and fresh southern hemisphere fare, inspired by Creole, Latin American, Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. From the cabin window of the big kitchen overlooking the courtyard, the chef can anticipate when you are ready for your next course.

After lunch, the afternoon slips by and one is tempted to return for dinner…The softly lit courtyard is ideal for to enjoying a typically relaxed Gustavian evening.

Jackson, attentive master of the house and well-known island personality, is on hand to extend guests a warm welcome to his lair. It is joyous mix of artfully weathered tables and mismatched chairs, brightly-colored sheers, napery and cushions, and sorbet-hued walls adorned with artwork by local artists, watched over by a benevolent, life-size bodhisattva.

The spirit of Saint Barth’s, in sum.

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