Toiny Beach

L’Anse de Toiny, with its neighbor Grand Fonds make up St Bart’s must-see “wild coast”.

Toiny is above all a beach for recharging your batteries, watching the changing hues of the landscape, especially when the sun sets in the distance behind Morne Rouge hill which towers over Grand Fonds, or when the full moon rises above the headland at Toiny.

It is a pleasant place to swim when the sea is calm, but swimmers should be careful as there can be strong currents. Armed with flippers, mask and snorkel, you can admire the fauna living in the coral.

It is also a favorite haunt for surfers. Long rollers form over plateaus of rocks and coral and follow the headland to the beach. When there is a strong swell, you can get what are probably some of the biggest and best waves on the island.

Le Toiny hotel, which sits above the cove, has created a coconut plantation on the beach and a marked trail around the headland. This is probably one of the prettiest walks and it allows you to watch the surfers in action at close quarters. On the edge of the coconut plantation are heritage “cases” or cabins, which are remnants of the past and these are typical of traditional architecture on the wind-swept coastline of the island.

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