Saline Beach

This is the most unspoiled beach on St Barts and discovering it for the first time is always a miraculous experience. From the small shady path winding up through the worn rocks, step onto the dune and discover the wide expanse of sea at last, which is worth a detour in itself. Flanked between two hills, Saline plunges into the Caribbean waters, offering an unbeatable view of Coco islet and St Kitts and Nevis, etc. in the distance

This beach, which is peaceful if you move away slightly from the central area, is a good place for walking or early morning relaxation exercises. It is even more magnificent at this time as it is totally empty. As you approach the beach, you can’t help but admire a remnant from the past in the form of the salt marsh which gave it its name.

NB: Naturism is tolerated, but it is not customary to walk along the beach naked.

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