Saint-jean Beach

St Jean is the most central beach on St Barts. It is also the busiest on account of the range of water sports on offer and its proximity to hotels, bars and restaurants. Eden Rock Hotel, which is perched on top of a rock, bisects the beach. On one side there are a landing strip, water sports and hotels (Îlets de la Plage, Tom Beach, Emeraude Plage and Eden Rock) and on the other side there is a quieter beach with a few boats at anchor and the Nikki Beach restaurant. There are many turtles here feeding on the large beds of aquatic plants.

St Jean is an ideal beach on which to spend a day. An early morning swim, lunch, a siesta in a deck chair and another swim. It is also a pleasant place for sport as it is sufficiently long for walking and jogging. It is a good spot for peaceful swimming, windsurfing and dinghy sailing as it is protected by a coral reef.

You can watch planes taking off all day long as the airport runway comes to an end by the beach. As you spread your toes in the sand, you can wish “bon voyage” to those who are leaving. The area of the beach extending beyond the runway is dangerous and so aircraft should be watched from the side.

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