Marigot Beach

Marigot Bay stretches wide, curving deep into the rocky coast. But the beach one discovers on arrival is in fact very small. The little parking area that gives onto it can only cater to for two or three cars at a time, keeping it quite private.

Since the summer of 2009, however, a new car park on the other side of the road accommodates six or seven more vehicles, which is still quite tolerable, don’t you think? Because depending on the tide or the swell, the tiny beach beneath the shade of an almond tree is often but a lick of dry sand where one has barely enough room to lay down a beach towel…

In fact, there is a much larger beach to the left, accessed by a footpath carved out of the rocks. But locals keep it a secret for lazy family afternoons. With its small beach cabanas and fisherman’s huts at water’s edge, Marigot is virtually a private beach, with to each side, magnificent villas overlooking the bay.

It is part of a protected natural marine reserve where activities other than swimming and snorkeling, are strictly outlawed. Boats cannot anchor here because they would destroy the underwater herb gardens where fish and shellfish breed; and where green sea turtles, soft-shell tortoises, rock lobsters and sometimes a few peaceful bull head sharks feed.

All to say that Marigot is perfect for a real swim: the sea is often very calm and one easily can do a few laps in nature’s “pool”, more usually frequented by fish, crustaceans and mollusks.

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