Grands-fonds & Toiny

The narrow road between the land and sea connecting Grand-Fond and Toiny is St Barts “wild coastline”.

It is no coincidence that the renowned dancer and choreographer Rudolf Nureyev chose to build his house between these two areas, as the wind makes the tall grasses sway in a continuous dance.

A few cows and goats in Grand-Fond serve as a reminder of the original purpose of the low stone and coral walls so typical of this landscape. There are windproof cabins with strong walls everywhere.

If you follow the shoreline on the right along a little path, you will discover the powerful “Washing Machine” waves and then a little further on the natural pools of Grand-Fond.

To the left, from Toiny beach or the path leading round La Pointe headland, you can see surfers bobbing on the waves.

As you walk along this wild coastline with it pebbly coral beach, you can fill your lungs with spray-soaked sea air and if you are lucky you might come across migrating whales - a truly unforgettable sight.

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