Grand Cul-de-sac

Life unwinds at a peaceful pace around Grand Cul de Sac and its lagoon which is a protected marine reserve with warm shallow waters.

Hotels and restaurants have been built around its shores offering their customers unrivalled tranquility, including the Guanahani, the Sereno and the Nilaiia, which will be opening soon.

The lagoon attracts many a water sports enthusiast - kayaks and sail boards are available for hire and the Enguerrand Kite Surf course is very popular.

O’Corail restaurant is also the starting point for diving trips and jet ski tours of the island. As far as sport is concerned, Grand Cul also has the Flamboyant Tennis Club with its pleasant artificial clay court surfaces and a golf driving range.

Up above Grand Cul de Sac, beautiful villas offer unbeatable views of the lagoon and ocean, but one can still find typical cabins painted in lively, bright colors, weathered by the years, sun, wind and spray.

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