Gouverneur Beach

Thought by some to be the most exclusive beach on account of its privacy and seclusion, Gouverneur beach is particularly appealing and generally has very few visitors.

It is a little gem and a real feast for the eyes, but you have to make the required effort. To get there, take a steep, winding road down between two sheer hills. The bird’s eye view down to the beach is unforgettable, especially if you suffer from vertigo! A car park has been built at the end of the road by the owner of the land, providing direct access to the beach.

The beach, which has coarser sand than most of the other beaches, is ideal for those in search of peace and quiet. A sea grape tree on the left is the only source of shade, but the sea is easy to reach and ideal for children. Further along is a sheer rock face at the water’s edge making getting on and off the beach a challenge, especially as there are large flat stones hidden under the breakers.

It is said that the famous pirate, Montbars the Exterminator, hid his treasure on the island. Perhaps he hid it in the cave which bears his name situated on the hillside just above the beach.

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