This windy district is a genuine village, enlivened by children playing on the seafront and sports pitches. It is approached via a road plunging between two steep hills leading to the large beach hidden behind the houses and latan palms. The road carries on towards Petite-Anse and comes to a dead end by the footpath to Colombier beach (allow about twenty minutes for the walk).

Attractive villas for rent on the hillside and along the beach alternate with famous hotels such as the highly prized St Barth Isle de France, the Taïwana with its colorful facades, the Hôtel Baie des Anges and the Auberge de la Petite-Anse. On the gastronomy front, Chez Rolande offers a typical Creole menu or just the shade of its poinciana tree for a “rhum arrangé” or flavored white rum drink.

In late July, Flamands plays host to the Northern Villages Party, a popular party which brings together local people and visitors across the generations for games (cards, chess, pétanque bowls etc.), sporting competitions (football), fishing competitions and various activities throughout the village and on the beach. Naturally, it all ends with a huge dance.

A walk around the ranch on the hill to the east in a green area called La Pointe à étages allows you to discover the area in a different way in an arid natural landscape where horses wander in virtual freedom among the peacocks, goat kids and tortoises. There is a marvelous panorama over the whole beach, the islets and Saint-Martin. You can just make out Colombier bay in the distance.

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