Colombier Beach

This is the most isolated, hidden and secret beach on St Barts and is located to the extreme west of the island at its very tip.

Colombier beach is very wild and is a haven of peace. The bay is a listed natural marine reserve, with protected and regulated mooring, and all activity is strictly monitored. All things considered, this protection is not too intrusive and allows visitors to admire a beach with one of the greatest number of fish on the island and so diving without breathing apparatus is highly recommended. But don’t bring back even so much as a shell from your walks as this would deprive the marine reserve teams of valuable information concerning the state of the sea.

A certain degree of effort is required to get to Colombier beach if you want to do things properly – i.e. a good 20-minute walk either along the coastal trails starting out from Petite-Anse at the end of the road to Flamands, or from above from the Colombier view point.

However, most visitors approach from the sea and moor their boats to the buoys installed by the marine reserve as a measure to protect the aquatic plants which provide a habitat for marine life.

You can also see the only dwelling in the bay with its unusual architecture dating back to the early 1960s, bearing in mind that St Barts became what it is today largely due to the house’s former owner – a certain Mr Rockerfeller.

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