Transat AG2R, 6th day of race

Undoubtedly for its last edition, six days after departure from the Brittany port, the Transat Concarneau-Saint Barthelemy still counts two Saint Barth natives among the competitors, Miguel Danet (placing 3rd together with Loic Peron in last year’s edition) on Concarneau-St.Barth, and Richard Ledee (placing 25th in 2000 and 10th in 2002) on

After a promising start, Concarneau-Saint Barth in 3rd place from the passage out of Concarneau Bay, and in the front runners, the two teams are now holding at 13th for Concarneau-Saint Barth, in view of La Palma tomorrow, Tuesday, and in 25th place for the

Nothing is lost however; the two teams didn’t participate to be simple extras: Concarneau-Saint Barth, running into strong wind, has to make a audacious decision in the next hours and tack early in order to trace the most direct route., immobilized in the Gascogne Golf for more than six days, caught wind Saturday closing their gap from 290 to 190 miles from Saveol, currently leading the competition. With more than 2600 miles to Gustavia, the competition is far from over!

Published on april, 26th 2010

Photos: A. Courcoux - Pen Duick

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