2012 Saint-Barths Bucket Regatta

For this 2012 edition of St Barths Bucket Regatta, the tradition continues with 47 of the world's most elegant and impressive superyachts for incomparable competition in the unspoiled waters of St-Barths.

Final Awards :

Overall Winners

First : This Is Us

Second : Lady B

Third : Blue Too

Les Gazelles Winners

First : Mari-Cha III

Second : Firefly

Third : P2

Les Grandes Dames Winners

First : Parsifal III

Second : Panthalassa

Third : Axia

Les Elegantes Winners

First : This Is Us

Second : Blue Too

Third : Windcrest

Les Mademoiselles Winners

First : Lady B

Second : Ganesha

Third : Twizzle

J Class : Endeavour

Skullduggery Award : Antara

Escargot Cup : Barracuda

Alloy Cup : Blue Too

All Star Crew Award : Endeavour

Wolter Huisman Memorial Spirit of the Bucket Trophy : Virago

Perini Navi Cup : Panthalassa

Detailed results and awards on Bucket Regattas official website : http://www.bucketregattas.com/stbarths/results.html

More images of St Barth Bucket on www.stbarthimagebank.com

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