Bucket Regatta

Admirers of beautiful yachts are every year anticipating with joy the magnificent gathering offered by the «Bucket». Around thirty of the largest and most magnificent sailing yachts come at the end of March to St Barths for three days of racing, when the fun on the water is as important as the parties on land!

But the origin of the Bucket Regatta is to be found in Nantucket, the “St Barths” of the East Coast, where this prestigious regatta was born in 1986. Newport Rhode Island, the East Coast Yachting capital, now hosts the summer time event every year in July, that, like St Barths, gathers a breath taking collection of Super Sailing Yachts. There too, the event gathers la “crème de la crème” of the upscale yachting community, with top notch designers, sail makers, riggers and technicians, rock star sailors, all the “fleuron” of the specialized press but also the yacht owners and their privileged guests. The spirit is the same as in St Barths: Gentlemen racing during the day, competitive, but not too much, and the opportunity every night to party in a festive ambiance. The yacht hop is one of the highlights of the event, when each owner invites all the regatta’s participants on his yacht for cocktails. The guests admiringly go from one yacht to the other, and have the chance to visit each one of them. Since their creation, the Bucket Regattas enjoy an ever growing success, thanks to the flawless organization mastered by Newport yacht broker Hank Halsted , Superyacht captains Tim Laughridge and Ian Craddock and with the help of Melanie Smith in St Barth. Professionals of the yachting industry and experienced sailors have genuinely preserved the original exclusive, convivial and chic atmosphere of the Bucket Regatta, much to everybody’s delight

Source: Tropical magazine n°17 - season 2007-2008 - page 154

Photos: Jean-Jacques Rigaud

Text: Anne Vandromme

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