Chef Stéphane Mazières

Note: New chef at Restaurant Le Gaïac since July 2013: Chef Sylvain REVELANT.


The only chef to be thus honored throughout the French West Indies and out of all the islands of the Atlantic and Pacific, Stéphane Mazières earned the coveted Taittinger Relais & Châteaux Grand Chef prize in 2010. A rare distinction in these parts, where major food critics rarely tread, the award provides the isle’s international clientele with “valuable insight into the quality and creativity of Stéphane’s cuisine, on a par with some of France’s finest, as well as with the crème de la crème of New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Memphis, Tennessee.”

A reinvented menu for the Gaïac

Stéphane has reinvented a sensitive cuisine, in subtle resonance with local culture and products. Alongside the best fresh ingredients imported from France and the US, the menu allows plenty of room for the fresh catches delivered by the island’s fishermen, which inspire Tuesday’s original lunch format: Le Marché aux poissons (The Fish Market).

The chef’s cuisine draws more and more on local produce and herbs cultivated in the restaurant’s own cottage garden by Benoît Thiry of Forevergreen. “Tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant thrive here, as do various peppers and aromatic and medicinal herbs, such as thyme and basil. We are not having much luck with coriander—or cilantro, as it is known in the Americas—but we’re working on it!”

There is a wine cellar to match, distinguished by the Taittinger jury for its creativity and the generous provision made for organically produced wines or those developed by some of the leading vintners of the new bio-dynamic schools of the Loire Valley, Bourgogne and the Rhône Valley.

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