Chef Jean-claude Dufour

Jean-Claude was born in Bordeaux in 1968. He is the oldest of four children. Jean-Claude always wanted to be a Chef and began helping his parents with their catering business at the age of 12 years. He has an excellent career C.V. having graduated from “The École Hôtelière” of Bordeaux then to begin his professional experience at Relais Chateaux de Margaux. Afterwards Jean-Claude met the legendary Anne-Marie Troisgros and Chef Yves Gravelier and trained with them for several years in different restaurants. Before coming to St Barthélèmy, Jean-Claude worked for a while in Senegal where he enjoyed combining French and Senegalese styles of cuisine. He has always lived by the ocean and loves to cook with fresh catch from the sea. He has a unique style and taste and a gift for presentation. “The key to good food is in the freshness of the products, the flair of the cooking and the seasoning”. Jean-Claude’s favourite dish is sauteed foiegras, lychees stuffed with cèpes mushrooms and caramelised balsamique. All sauces are prepared here at the Eden Rock and ‘homemade’ is justifiably everywhere within the various menus…Jean-Claude and Sonia, his partner of 12 years, have a baby girl called Thelma who was born in May 1999 and a little boy named Marius who was born in 2005.Jean-Claude’s passion in life is gastronomic cuisine. He is 6 feet 6 inches tall and has an imposing presence. In the kitchen he presides over a talented young staff who he encourages constantly to be creative and to show the flair he himself possesses in such enormous quantities.

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