chef Emmanuel Motte

Emmanuel Motte has been at the helm of the Carl Gustaf restaurant for five years now.

For inspiration, he turns to oriental influences, adapting spices and cooking methods to evolve a passionate fusion cuisine, “without the confusion”, he insists. He even introduces “a bit of molecular gastronomy when it makes a good fit, to surprise the palate or highlight a particular flavor or texture: a flash onsite fish-smoking process, a sphere of pureed fruit reflected in a mirror of fresh raspberries and fruit gels are a few examples.” But always with good measure, as his clientele also loves the more familiar classics. “There are musts like crème brûlée and chocolate that one simply can’t ignore. But we play with new flavors to make them very special.”

A young chef with a glowing career behind him — in Switzerland, followed by England, and in Saint-Barthélémy for the past twelve years—Emmanuel Motte combines a solid background in traditional French cuisine with an intimate relationship with the isle, and a true understanding of Saint-Barthélémy’s international clientele. True assets for the Carl Gustaf, just like the stunning sunsets over Gustavia’s harbor. But Emmanuel Motte has no hand in that particular artistry!

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