A Wonderfully Fishy Palette

Beauty on ice, a wonderfully fishy palette. When you look at the fish resplendent on the trays at Olivier Laplace’s fish stall in Lorient, it’s hard to believe that you are actually going to eat them. But if our appreciation for food begins with the pleasure of viewing it, then this is the place to come and enjoy the sight while scales still vibrate with emotion, astounding us with their variations of textures and colors.

It is rather like an ultimate witness to life, its beauty and its energy, its optimism. A reminder, too, that life on land emerged from the seas and that this submarine continent is still largely unmapped, hiding vast and mysterious regions from the eye of homo erectus. These rock and reef fish can be understood as an invitation to explore that other world.

What’s the need for such a display of beauty ?, one may ask, before remembering that color is not so much an entertaining esthetic feature as a means of diverting danger, an alerting signal, a visual intimidation… or a fishy invitation to tango. And then there are the lessons to be learnt, by designers and engineers, rules of construction and esthetics, assemblies of motifs, colors or scale structure. In some, they inspire fabrics and juxtapositions, in others avantgarde technological concepts. Those are just a few of the things to be seen on a fish tray…

Source: Tropical Magazine n° 15, season 2005-2006.

Photos: Laurent Benoît

Text: Vladimir Klein

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