"A" As In Atelier

Hortense n. f. A name to carry one back in time… and into the future. For Hortense is back en vogue.

Mademoiselle Hortense : A strange, sensual name, to be carried as a challenge, proudly announcing it’s timeless feminity, a singular personality, moving gracefully from Impressionism to Art nouveau, at the font of modernity.

Inseparable ever since their first encounter, in their bougainvillea-shrouded atelier two friends decided to create a new brand of clothes for girls: Mademoiselle Hortense.

Clothes which combine innocent freshness with jazzy details, in which reminiscences of distant folklore harmonize with Liberty fabrics, contemporary and nonetheless contemporaries of that other generation of Hortenses … Nothing happens without a purpose.

This new collection is not afraid to explore new territory. Twenty odd pieces which are both very French and unmistakeably St. Barth.

White cotton furls, prominent lace, accents of Liberty, silken poetry, caressing your skin.

Spelling the four-handed alphabet of adventure:

A as in ATELIER, as in artiste, as in ARTS & CRAFTS, as in allure.

B as in the Best of a SUNNY dress code.

C as in the Cut of these fluid, shapely clothes, a true feat of LIGHTNESS.

D as in Duo, two to tango, two accomplices in crime, two complementary personalities dreaming the same dream, to one day CREATE together.

E as in ENTICEMENT, simply follow your desires.

F as in FEMINITY, a self-assured and tranquil presence.

G as in Glide, like straps slowly descending upon a soft and SENSUAL décolleté.

H as in Hauts – pronounced Oh! –, little tops for every occasion. Absolutely FRESH, absolutely FUN.

I as in Independance of style and ESPRIT.

J as in the Joy of the CREATIVE challenge.

K as in a Kaleidoscope of must-have MINI-DRESSES.

L as in LIBERTY, rediscovered, updated, fresh as an English garden.

M as in Material, NATURAL and sophisticated.

N as in Newborn through ADVENTURE.

O as in the Ocean which surrounds us.

P as in the PERFECTION of ruthless artisanship.

Q as in Quality, beheld and finally felt on your SKIN.

R as in Rare as LACE and broderie anglaise.

S as in Sensual and light as a BREATH OF AIR.

T as in Tasks of love which blossom into QUALITY.

U as in Unique SILHOUETTES.

V as in the Verve of FRESHNESS.

W as in a Watteau and its figures caressed by LIGHT.

X as in Xtra chic.

Y as in Yin & Yang, at once MODERN & natural.

Z as in Zest of ÉLÉGANCE of the times.

Hortense, hic et nunc, out of sight. Modern elegance, sunny silhouettes, a fresh breath of sensual creativity, lace, cheeky tops and mini-dresses, natural and very chic, threading their way between adventure and perfect craftsmanship, between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Just the way she is, la Belle Hortense …pardon me, Mademoiselle Hortense.

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