photo authors

Most of photos and images are created by :

• Jean-François Tricot (Jouf Design / Hello-StBarth)

• Régis Bruggheman (Jouf Design / Hello-StBarth)

• Some photos are supplied by Tropical Saint-Barth magazine (AblEditions), partner of Hellolidays is autorised to publish parts of the magazine and its photos. Some authors :

- Alain Charlot

- Laurent Benoit

- Jean-Jacques Rigaud

• Some photos are supplied by customers, and are published on their pages. Some authors :

- Jean-Philippe Piter

- Laurent Benoit

- Pierre Carreau

- Alain Charlot

- Philippe Hochart

- A. Leese Image

- Philippe Ballestrazzi

- Gérald Tessier

- Christian Lange


• Some photos from iStockPhoto & Shutterstock.

You are not allowed to use photos published on this website without Hellolidays or author authorization.

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