Sandrine Munoz


The universe in which the different Sandrine Munoz’s collections made us plunge, are undoubtedly a reflection of the youth of the designer, Sandrine Munoz: a mixture of subtle and delicate shades and materials, culture and escape. Born in France but of Andalusian origin, she draws inspiration from her roots.

"Su abuela “, Angelita, her grandmother, owned a small workshop in the silk district of Lyon, in which she drew and created dresses for a privileged clientele. "I spent most of my free time with her, I made brooches and hair ornaments from the remnants. Every details had already its importance, I was very passionate, "remembers Sandrine.

Improving her creations over the years, the outline of Sandrine’s future was already there.

To nurture her talent and allowed her to live from it, she began University of commerce which took her to different continents and give her a taste for travel, another important source for her creativity. Her passion for rare and unusual stones allowed her to work with the greatest jewelers of Place Vendôme, but also from Milan and Rome. She took the measure of wealth of this world by visiting the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe.

The luggage filled with colors, culture and traditions and an undeniable expertise, it is now time for her to take her independence.

She choose, St Barths, another jewel of the Caribbean, as home to her mark.

The collections that Sandrine Munoz offers have voluntarily twenty pieces only. This allows her to focus more specifically on the manufacture of unique, custom pieces, in which she can give the full measure of her talent and her imagination.

All her jewelry is in 18 Karat gold and she only uses the finest gemstones. She declines according to the customer needs: models easy to wear for every day or more sophisticated for the evening. Long necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings combine the elegance and originality, simple lines and rich materials, bedecked with a fireworks display of warm colors offered, among other, the purple Amethyst, green Peridot, pink Rhodolite and timeless classic white diamond.


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