Elisa Bally Showroom


Elisa Bally is a young woman with chestnut hair and eyes that are bit astonished and wide open to the beauty of the world that surrounds her. She travels with her large green portfolio tucked under her arm – eager to share. Photos, a touch of watercolor, sketches and swatches make up a delicately synchronized scrapbook, full of light and serenity.


« First, I create this carnet, for myself. I have to generate some sense before I can begin to imagine form, in order to create something concrete. I begin by photographing the environment and then I decipher the space and the ambiance. I prefer to follow my sensations and impressions; as for this villa: molded sand, reflections, the transparency of the water, the light below the surface of the water. Afterwards I translate these impressions into substance, color code and into shapes that together speak of one story. This is the story that I propose to my clients. They should be able to identify themselves in this story. A client once proposed to purchase my carnet…that was out of the question!”

Elisa inherited her taste for page after page of stories from her years of journalism; working for the Hersant Group in the Antilles, and thereafter for Tropical, a lifestyle magazine about Saint Barthelemy. “When I was a journalist, many people told me that I organized my work like an interior decorator. I systematically gave a theme to each column attempting to find a connection from one to another, just as you might walk through a house from one room to another. Another example might be challenging a chef to cook based on a color.


This consistency, giving way to a large space dedicated to intuition, seduced the director of the Guanahani Hotel & Spa; the first person to have faith in Elisa as an interior decorator. “Initially I had to decipher the work of my predecessor along with that of the architect. After, I was able to melt into the Guanahani’s very ethnic environment and introduce a touch of femininity. I believe it’s the contrast between these two influences that made this project a success. For example, I created raw bodies of water and waterfalls joined together with contemporary lighting fixtures, creating a dialogue, a recitation.” Once again, another story…

A full scale exhibition of style

Elisa recently opened a showroom in Cour Vendôme, Gustavia. It’s not a store, but a sort of full scale exhibition of trend where she demonstrates her savoir-faire and presents a selection of creations from suppliers she has grown to love - a unique approach in a “digital” era. “I don’t like the flatness represented by the monitor, and I don’t trust plans as most people don’t know how to read them. I need to touch and to initiate touch in order to reveal how a color can absorb or reflect light.”

Elisa remains neutral in her showroom, allowing her visitors the freedom to respond to her suggestions with their own imagination-just until she begins to tell one of the stories that only she can tell.

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