Réserve Naturelle Marine


Born in 1996, the Marine Park covers 2,500 acres that are divided into 5 distinct zones. GRENAT, non-profit association, manage the entire marine park with the help of the municipality and the French government. Protect, educate, watch and maintain the whole marine park are different roles necessary to live in harmony with the economic reality of the island (fishing and tourism).

Ponds, mangrove, migratory birds, coral reef, gorgons, lobsters, pelicans, conches, turtles, humpback whales migrating… the Marine Park, a major role for St Barth.

Regulations in the marine park

Any boat must be declared before mooring in the marine park.

• IT IS ALLOWED : snorkelling, line fishing from shore and aboard drifting boat( except in highly protected area), mooring and diving with permit. Anchoring outside the moorings buoys area only in Colombier and Fourchue.

• IT IS FORBIDDEN : wearing gloves, submarine hunting, jet-ski, water-ski, tubing, hull cleaning, feeding any animals and collecting corals, shells and crustaceans.

• Fishing in the Marine Park

Fishing in the Marine Park is not forbidden but regulated in order to protect the resource and contribute to the reproduction of the species.

Line fishing is allowed from shore or from a drifting boat.

Any fishing is forbidden in the highly protected area, in red on the map.

• Diving regulations

Dive permit required, one boat per spot, 13 divers max, period limited to 2h30, stab jacket required, gloves prohibited, no anchorage, no feeding


Annual opening

open from 8.30 to 12.30, except Sunday

Main contact


the office is located at Gustavia’s harbour

emergency cellphone number : +590 (0)690 31 70 73

Photos: Vincent Guillot, Sophie Olivaud, Julien Le Quellec